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Where do products ship from?
Products ship from Nevada and New Jersey.

How does it work?
Simply heat the Gel Pack 30 seconds or less in the microwave, place on Miracle Hot Plate™ and put your hot plate of food on the Miracle Hot Plate™. (instructions will be included) Your plate comes in contact with the Miracle Hot Plate™ Heated Gel Pack which contours to your plate keeping your food hot longer. Your food tastes right to the very last bite!

How many Gel Packs can I heat up at a time?
You can heat up to 4 Gel Packs at a time.

Can it be used for cold foods?
Yes, simply chill Gel Packs in the freezer to be ready for your next cold meal.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
Miracle Hot Plate™ has a 60-day money back guarantee (less shipping, processing and handling, fees) so you can try it out for yourself and see if you like them.

What is the standard delivery time?
Our standard delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks via FedEx Smart Post.

How long will the Miracle Hot Plate™ keep my meal hot?
Depending on the meal on the plate, the quantity of the food on the plate and the type of plate, i.e. glass, ceramic, etc. the Miracle Hot Plate™ can help keep your food at a warmer temperature for as much as 30 minutes longer.

How long does it take to heat the Miracle Hot Plate™ Custom Gel Pack?
Depending on your particular microwave it should take somewhere between 30 and 45 seconds to heat to operating temperature. Full instructions will be included.

Is there any other method of heating the Custom Gel Packs if I so choose or if I do not have a microwave?
Yes, you can heat the Custom Gel Packs in heated water. Simply heat a pot of water to boil, remove from heat source and place Gel Packs in water for several minutes or until need. This option is particular handy for larger numbers of Miracle Hot Plate™ Gel Packs that you may desire to heat up at the same time, like for larger families or gatherings.

Will the Miracle Hot Plate™ damage my dishes?
No, if you are using a traditional glass, ceramic or porcelain dish or other glass like such dishes and are using the product as directed the Miracle Hot Plate™ should be completely safe for all dishes. The Miracle Hot Plate™ is NOT recommended for use with plastic as plastic does not conduct heat and depending on the plastic could melt if used with anything which may be too hot for it.

Will the Miracle Hot Plate™ damage my table, table cloth or placemats?
No, the specially designed non slip supports which are on the bottom of the Miracle Hot Plate™ base are completely safe to use on all surfaces when used as directed. We do not suggest leaving item sitting on finely finished wood surfaces in the exact same place for extended periods of time as with any soft rubbery materials such extended periods of time could pose a risk to the finish or mar the finish. It is completely safe to use as directed on any cloth table cloth or place mat. Use with caution on plastic table cloth or plastic place mats as you will be placing a hot dish on the Miracle Hot Plate™.

How hot will the Miracle Hot Plate™ Gel Pack get and is it safe to touch?
The Miracle Hot Plate™ Gel Pack when used as directed is completely safe to touch but it will be hot as after all that is what the product does, it gets hot and stays hot. With it's non toxic gel ingredients it will not get any hotter than that of boiling water without it bursting and being ruined and thus if you heat as directed it will work for you every time and will be safe to handle. When handling hot Gel Packs, it is best to hold from the edges, where it's less hot. If you have particularly sensitive hands or prefer not to handle directly when hot we suggest that you use a non pointy utensil or oven mitt when handling a hot Miracle Hot Plate™ Gel Pack and certainly do so or use a Spoon when removing from heated water.

Does the Gel Pack contain toxic materials?
No the Miracle Hot Plate™ Custom Gel Pack contains a special non toxic gel formula designed to work within the gel pack. Of course such Gel Pack is not intended for consumption and instructions dictate that if Gel Pack is ruptured or damaged discontinue use and discard.

How long will the Miracle Hot Plate™ last?
The Miracle Hot Plate™ should last for many years of reliable use. The base portion of the Miracle Hot Plate™ should work and last indefinitely unless it somehow gets mistakenly damaged by the user. The Gel Pack should last for hundreds of uses if handled properly and not damaged also providing years of reliable use. Replacement and Additional Gel Packs Gel Packs are available through our website. You will receive a link about this after placing your order.

How high does the Miracle Hot Plate™ lift my dish off the table height surface?
The Miracle Hot Plate™ with its low profile unique design will lift your dish barely 3/4 inch.